Our Guarantee

We takes beards and their upkeep seriously, and we want to help you grow and maintain the
best beard possible.

We truly, 100%, handonheart believe that Zekes Beard Wipes are the easiest and best way
to keep beards healthy, happy and worthy to be worn on your face. Zekes was born from our
desire to find a great way of keeping our own beards looking amazing and we are
unbelievably excited to share our product with you.
Satisfaction Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed

That said, if you try our products and disagree, we will work hard to put it right. If there’s one
thing we are more passionate about than Zekes Beard Wipes, it’s the beards they are meant to serve. So if you feel that your beard is better looked after by someone else and you’re unhappy with Zekes, get in touch so that we can make it right. We promise that we won’t hold it against you and will part as bearded friends.