About Us

One night over beers, my friends and I were doing the usual, admiring our beards and
arguing over whose is the best, when we stumbled onto the topic of beard maintenance and care. We didn’t grow these hairy masterpieces because we wanted to spend half an hour each day staring into the mirror and applying oils.

The thing is, it’s a slippery slope. You start growing out your beard and decide that it’s
probably a good idea to get some beard oil to keep it maintained. But as your beard gets biggie you think it’s a good idea to get more things to help beard shampoos, conditioners, combs and you spend longer and longer maintaining it. Because it happens slowly, over a long period of time, you don’t realize until it hits you, “I’m spending more time in the bathroom than my girlfriend”.

We realized that the oils and balms had become an inconvenience. They were shackles that were tying us down. Would it really just be easier to shave it off? No, and thinking like that is akin to blasphemy. You deserve to walk around with a beard that tells the world who you are, and you deserve for it to look great without any hassle.

But there are a lot of problems with the excessive oils. You face a dilemma. Do you let the oil wear off during the day and spend your afternoons with an itchy and increasingly
uncomfortable beard? Or do you carry a bottle around with you and risk becoming ‘that guy’ or having it leak over your clothes?
Essential Oil Infused Beard Wipes
So we thought we’d fix this, and fix it we did. We came up with a way to keep your beard
looking great all day but we also fixed the age old conundrum. How do I keep my beard
clean during meals without running off to a bathroom every five minutes?

And lo, Zekes Beard Wipes was born. Giving hairy enthusiasts the ability to keep their beard looking great. To keep it clean and well maintained on the go, without carrying around messy bottles or endless supplies.

Shop our wipes now, because we all know you should enjoy your beard!

Beard Maintenance And Care