Free Zekes Beard Wipes Trial 3 Pack Offer

That's correct we offer FREE 'Trial 3 Pack' to sample our product.We feel like our product speaks for itself. Our Beard Oils give a refreshing experience that you can notice after the first use. Not a  oily experience like normal beard oils you may have tried in the past, your face will quickly air dry. Does a fantastic job cleaning up your beard after even the messiest chili cheese dog, Or just before you pick up your date for a night on the town. Knowing you're looking 100% gains a confidence any gentlemen can truly appreciate.


Directions How to clam your Free Trial 3 Pack:

1. Follow our social media, and/or sign up for our Zekes News Newsletters, Please. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterests)

2. Simply go to our 'Shop' and click on  "Trial 3 Pack" then add to cart.** 

3. Proceed to checkout and enter your promo code: FREETRIAL

*4. Once you receive your Beard Wipes we want to see an epic picture with them and your beard. #ZekesBeardWipes (Awesomeness will be reposed if you email your pictures to




   ** Flat rate shipping does apply

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